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David Binder, Principal

Will Gudelunas, Senior Vice President

Seiji Carpenter, Vice President

Shanan Alper, Research Analyst

Andrew Goldberg, Research Analyst

Alexandra Yannias, Research Analyst

Ben Meyers, Research Associate

Erin Dixon, Data Coordinator

Josh McFarland, Research Associate


Carol Gailey

George Yahraes

Marquis McNeil, MSInteractive  

About Us

We serve diverse clients throughout North America including political campaigns and ballot measures, corporations, sports and entertainment businesses, ad agencies, public interest groups, and labor organizations.

Need quality research services? Almost all of our clients work with us again. That’s because we design the right methodology, ask the right research questions, interpret the data clearly, and consult with you. Together we find the best strategies, so you get the research results you need.

Short turnaround? We get projects done quickly without compromising on quality.

Let us help you discover practical ways to shape public opinion, change consumer choices and impact voter decisions.