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For over 25 years, David Binder Research has provided research and insight to political, government, and private sector clients.

Our strength lies in our pioneering use of new research technologies, our hybrid qualitative and quantitative techniques, and our ability to devise innovative, customizable services that suit the specifications of each individual client.

DBR has enjoyed a long-term ongoing partnership with President Barack Obama’s White House, providing award-winning messaging work and conducting research on a number of different initiatives. Other clients run the gamut from small non-profits and boutique associations to large corporations and multi-year political campaigns.

Learn a little more about who we are and what we do – and let us help you achieve measurable impact.


As our name suggests, the cornerstone of DBR’s capabilities is research, and a lot of it. We pride ourselves on learning everything there is to know about the issue at hand, so that we can ask the right questions about it – thus engendering the most effective and illuminating response for our clients.

DBR’s methodology encompasses traditional and cutting-edge strategies, qualitative and quantitative techniques – and everything in between. We take a holistic view of your needs, which is why our approaches are often multifaceted.

Below is a list of some of our services. Think of it as a starting point for discussion; our only objective is to meet your needs, and we’ll tailor our methods accordingly once we get to know you.


The proof of DBR’s capabilities lies in our successful partnerships with clients in every sector – from political campaigners to policy advocates, major auto manufacturers to disruptive startups, television channels to professional sports teams. Browse our list of representative clients below.

Note that this is by no means a complete list – it’s just a selection of some of the people and causes we’ve had the pleasure of assisting over the years. Here is a more complete list of DBR clients, past and present:

Political Campaigns
  • Barack Obama 2008
  • Barack Obama 2012
Senate and House races
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
Statewide and State Legislatures
  • California
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • New York
State and Local Propositions
  • Alabama
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
Numerous County and Municipal Ballot Propositions
Speciality Areas
  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
  • Democratic National Committee
  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
  • California Alliance for Jobs
  • California Correctional Police Officers Association (CCPOA)
  • California Faculty Association
  • California Federation of Teachers
  • California Labor Federation
  • California Professional Firefighters (CPF)
  • California State Employees Association (CSEA)
  • California Teachers Association (CTA)
  • Directors Guild of America (DGA)
  • International Association of Firefighters (IAFF)
  • International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
  • International Cinematographers Guild
  • International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)
  • National Education Association (NEA)
  • SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild)
  • San Francisco Labor Council
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
  • United Federation of Teachers (UFT)
  • United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)
  • United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA)
  • Association of California School Administrators
  • California Faculty Association
  • California Federation of Teachers
  • California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
  • California School Employees Association
  • California State University
  • California Teacher's Association (CTA)
  • National Education Association
  • National Labor College
  • Northern Arizona Alumni Association
  • San Francisco City College
  • United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA)
  • University of California
Advocacy Groups and Foundations
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • Battleground Texas
  • California Applicant Attorneys Association
  • California Association of Realtors
  • California Ballot Initiative Reform
  • California Homebuilding Foundation
  • California Hospital Association
  • California Retailers Association
  • California State Automobile Association
  • Consumer Healthcare Products Association
  • Courage Campaign
  • Golden Gate Restaurant Association
  • iVote
  • Napa Valley Vintners Association
  • National Restaurant Association
  • National Soft Drink Association
  • The Partnership at Drugfree.org
  • RATE Coalition
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  • San Francisco Committee on Jobs
  • San Francisco Parks Trust
  • San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR)
  • Vulcan
Health Organizations
  • American College of Emergency Physicians
  • American Heart Association
  • American Lung Association
  • Belmont Village Assisted Living Communities
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • California Association of Health Plans
  • California Hospital Association
  • California Medical Association
  • California Pacific Medical Center
  • California Wellness Foundation
  • Evergreen Health
  • Face it TOGETHER
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Let's Move!
  • Oakland Children's Hospital and Research Center
  • St. Luke's Hospital
  • BART
  • California Public Utilities Commission
  • Golden Gate Transportation District
  • East Bay Municipal Utilities District
  • San Francisco Department of the Environment
  • San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI)
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)
  • Better World Group
  • Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
  • Greenbelt Alliance
  • Energy Foundation
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • National Resources Defense Council
  • Oceana
  • Presidio Trust
  • Save the Bay
  • Sierra Club
  • Trust for Public Land
  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • US Green Building Council
Advertising and Media Firms
  • AMHC Political Consulting
  • Analytics Media Group
  • AKPD
  • Doner
  • GMMB
  • Goddard Claussen Strategic Advocacy
  • Gogerty Marriott
  • Kaufman Campaign Consultants
  • Ketchum
  • Link Strategies
  • Pickett Advertising
  • Porter Novelli
  • Public Strategies Inc.
  • Red Horse Strategies
  • Richie Ross Communications
  • SS+K
  • The Strategy Group
  • Tribal Worldwide
  • Alliant Energy
  • AT&T
  • Clorox
  • Costco
  • CVS
  • DirecTV
  • Duke Energy
  • Elsevier Sciences
  • GAP
  • General Motors
  • Home Depot
  • hotels.com
  • Insurance.com
  • Lennar Homes
  • Magic Leap
  • Microsoft
  • Norcal Waste Systems
  • Safeway
  • The Princeton Review
  • Trader Joe's
  • Walgreens
  • Xcel Energy
  • Yahoo!
Sports, Entertainment and Media
  • AMC Television
  • Cablevision
  • CBS Films
  • ESPN
  • FilmL.A., Inc.
  • Golden Gate Warriors
  • Legendary Pictures
  • MGM Mirage
  • MTV
  • NBC News
  • New Regency Pictures
  • Sacramento Kings
  • San Diego Padres
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • San Francisco Magazine
  • Univision
  • World Wrestling Entertainment
Arts and Culture
  • Asian Art Museum
  • Bay Area Discovery Museum
  • Burbank Public Library
  • California Library Association
  • Glendale Public Library
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Randall Museum
  • San Francisco Fine Arts Museums: M. H. De Young Museum and Palace of Legion of Honor
  • San Francisco Public Library
  • San Francisco Zoo


We’re progressive thinkers, analysts, strategists, statisticians, mathematicians, marketers, consultants, and advocates. We’re fanatical about helping our clients succeed, and we truly enjoy what we do. Learn a little more about our team members. We’re looking forward to learning more about you.

David Binder

David is the founder of DBR, and the guru of all things research. He has over two decades of experience in statistical and qualitative analysis, and believes that a proper evaluation of public opinion cannot be accomplished by looking only at poll numbers or focus group transcripts, but rather by a multi-source examination within the larger perspective of everyday life. Local and national media and publications seek his social and political insights on a regular basis.

David has a BS from Syracuse University, an MBA from Cornell, and is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants. He’s also an active volunteer, making post-election analysis presentations to community, public interest and non-profit groups as well as foundations and political clubs. In his spare time, he likes to bike around San Francisco.

William Gudelunas

Will has developed innovative research methodologies with DBR since 1999, merging qualitative research with predictive analytics, to optimize television and online ads and political messaging.  He conducted research for the Obama 2008 and 2012 campaigns, as well as for the Obama White House.  In 2012, he initiated the first online research community used in a presidential campaign.  His research findings have appeared in various national media outlets.

Will spends his downtime in the water, swimming and bodysurfing. He earned his MA in politics from Lehigh University.

Seiji Carpenter

Seiji Carpenter has been with DBR for over a decade, working from San Francisco, Washington, DC, and New York City, where he currently resides. With his extensive background in both quantitative and qualitative research methods, he helps to create new research methodologies that more accurately identify underlying attitudes and opinions.

Prior to working with DBR, Seiji completed a Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs.

Shanan Alper

Shanan Alper has been with DBR since 2005, after spending years involved in a variety of political causes and campaigns. He conducts in-depth statistical analysis of survey and qualitative data, presenting his findings to community leaders and elected officials. He also moderates focus groups, and is particularly interested in developing new communication methods to reach an increasingly diverse population.

Shanan and his wife live in San Francisco with their two young sons and dog. He loves attending sporting events and listening to live music.

Ethan Axelrod

Ethan conducts qualitative and quantitative research analysis for our clients; he also assists in the development of new research projects. He joined the DBR team in 2014, and has a background in advertising and media.

Ethan is a recent transplant to the Bay Area, and spends as much of his free time as possible exploring the outdoors in Northern California.

Ben Meyers

Ben facilitates all areas of quantitative and qualitative research at DBR.  His keen attention to detail ensures that both our internal operations and our research projects run smoothly.  Basically, he does a bit of everything.

Ben is the proud father of a beautiful little girl and spends his spare time teaching her the joys of NBA basketball, books, and NPR.

Erin Dixon

Longtime associate Erin Dixon is our lead data coordinator. Only David Binder himself has been with the firm longer. A pioneering telecommuter, Erin works remotely and is rarely seen in the office.

Though she doesn’t reveal much about her personal life, Erin’s data work speaks for itself: concise, transparent, and always on target.

Spencer Dixon-Word

Spencer joined the DBR team in 2013. A veritable data wizard, he manages the lifecycle of the survey data process – first by ensuring that proper samples are drawn and quotas are met, and then by providing an advanced layer of statistical analysis to maximize survey information impact.

Spencer graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2013. In his free time, he likes to spend time in the city and meet new people.

Carol Gailey

Carol Gailey brings over 25 years of marketing research expertise to her role as special consultant to DBR. Her experience includes strategic research projects for

Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, MCA Records, Marriott Corporation, Dole Food, Hardee’s, and The Principal Financial Group. Carol has a strong background in new product development and launch, including key product management responsibility at Hallmark Cards. She is a member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association.

Outside of work, Carol is an avid reader and painter, and loves spending time with her cat and two dogs.

Case Studies

Obama for America / Organizing for Action

DBR Role

DBR has been the sole research and online testing facilitator for OFA since 2006 – conducting focus groups, in-home interviews, dial tests, online communities, control-treatment tests, and phone surveys for the organization.

Research Innovation

  • Conducted online control-treatment studies to measure the impact of advertisements.
  • Conducted statistical analysis to establish the most critical metrics in determining vote choice.
  • Analyzed advertisement effectiveness in responding to specific opponent attacks.
  • Conducted an in-home study to determine actual television viewing behaviors – and which advertisements are most likely to be noticed.
  • Utilized online communities to determine what stories and advertisements average voters noticed.


DBR provides OFA with up-to-the-minute awareness of the stories that voters follow, questions they have, and the impact of ads and other communications on voter opinion.

Let’s Move

DBR Role

DBR spearheaded two rounds of qualitative research.

Research Innovation

  • Pinpointed the most motivating aspect of an anti-childhood obesity campaign.
  • Provided specific feedback to help characterize the campaign.


DBR determined the most effective themes to encourage action, as well as helping to maintain a positive brand identity for Michelle Obama and the campaign.

Marriage Equality

DBR Role

DBR conducted qualitative and quantitative research online, in person, and by phone, as well as organizing national research studies for foundations and nonprofit clients. DBR also joined the front lines, working on marriage equality campaigns in California, Maine, and Minnesota.

Research Innovation

  • Conducted parent and child, husband and wife, and mini-group dyads with small groups.
  • Used focus groups and online tests to determine the most effective responses to opponent attack ads.


Identified message framework (and effective messengers) to argue for marriage equality, as well as determining potential message vulnerabilities and how best to counteract them.

California Proposition 30: Temporary Taxes To Fund Education

DBR Role

DBR conducted qualitative and quantitative research online, in person, and by phone.

Research Innovation

Used online heat map technology and control-treatment studies to determine the specific language that was most effective in ballot arguments and advertisements.


Identified language that emphasized the importance of accountability, revealed the importance of the temporary tax language, and highlighted the importance of the messenger in communicating that money would go directly to classroom spending. Advertisement tests determined the most effective advertisements at different points during the campaign.


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