David Binder has over thirty years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research. Born in the Hog Capitol of the World, Kewanee, Illinois, David received his undergraduate education at Colgate University and Syracuse University and obtained a Masters of Business Administration at Cornell University. 

After several years as a freelance pollster and focus group moderator, David founded David Binder Research in San Francisco in 1994, a company that now has employees in seven states around the country.

David is a nationally recognized focus group moderator who has personally moderated what he thinks are over ten thousand focus groups, but he never really counted. David’s clients include a broad range of political, government, business, labor, health care, communications and advertising firms, as well as non-profit organizations and foundations. He is a frequent commentator on public opinion research for media groups around the country. 

David traces his love for quantitative data to his childhood when he took to sorting a package of M&Ms into subgroups by color, tallying up which color had the most, and noting trends from package to package. His mother put a quick stop to the practice for health reasons, but David remains a consumer of all things data to this day.